June 2017: The COREL project final report, prepared by Charlotte Pratley of Culture Syndicates, details and provides a critical evaluation of our activites. It can be downloaded at this link.

November 2016 – March 2017: In this period, the COREL project was focussed on technical development of the platform’s ‘proof of concept’, to be presented in the form of a website. For a draft of this prototype, please see this link (opens in a new window). This website offers a view of the platform’s interface and displays some of the functionalities detailed in the our earlier Gap analysis (see below), in particular the platform’s ability to present documents and associated annotations in a variety of ways, customisable by the user. Unfortunately, at this stage the site is only accessible within the University of Nottingham. We hope to be able to post a public URL as soon as possible.

October 2016: Based on workshops with Life Lines and a series of focus groups with a range of potential platform users, Ian Wilson of IS compiled a Gap analysis (opens in a new window), detailing and prioritizing the specific requirements of the platform.

June-September 2016: We held a series of workshops with Life Lines community history group, organised and facilitated by Culture Syndicates, during which we presented the initial COREL concept and discussed and obtained feedback on how members of this group might use by the platform. We also held a number of focus groups with other types of potential platform users (teachers, students, academics, archivists and librarians). For our introductory PowerPoint slides outlining the project, please see this link (opens in a new window).

May 2016: For the COREL project’s initial workplan, see this link (opens in new window).

April 2016: The COREL project built on an earlier pilot project on ‘Presenting Textual Sources for Public Engagement’. The final report of that project (prepared for Dr Erin Snyder, Digital Research Manager, University of Nottingham, by Louise Schofield, Horizon DTC PhD Student), details the preliminary ideas and requirements that informed COREL devleopment. It can be downloaded at this link (opens in new window).